Looking for a cost effective corporate hospitality solution to entertain your valued clients? An MCG Corporate Box is the perfect way to enjoy a game of AFL whilst being able to develop and enhance your key business relationships. Also referred to as an MCG Corporate Suite, these facilities include spacious lounge style seats, large sliding glass windows that can be opened or closed, premium food and beverage menus with dedicated staff to serve you and a comfortable, private setting.

There are approximately 100 Corporate Boxes at the MCG. They range in size from 12 seats up to 50 seats, with the majority of boxes being 16 seaters. They are located around the entire ground, with some on level 2 and level 3.

How do the MCG Corporate Boxes work?

Most of the corporate boxes are leased by private companies who use them exclusively to entertain their clients on a yearly basis and the cost for these can be measure in the 100s of thousands of dollars, however there are around a dozen or so boxes that are leased by various different organisations with the sole intention of selling them on a game by game basis.

Corporate Box Hire is a company that specialises in marrying up owners of MCG Corporate Boxes with clients who are looking to purchase one, two or maybe a handful of games.