10 Corporate Golf Day Tips

Here are 10 Corporate Golf Day Tips to ensure your day is successful.

  1. Choose the appropriate style of Golf Day. It can be catastophic if you get this wrong. Ensure your guests expectations are met.
  2. Ensure you invite your guests early. Everyone is leading busy lives it seems these days, so it is imperative that you invite your guests well in advance.
  3. Make sure you have a Plan B in case it rains and the day is washed out
  4. Collate your invited guests handicaps
  5. Consider appropriate post golf entertainment
  6. Have a plan in place to deal with last minute drop outs.
  7. Ensure you have chosen suitable prizes. Your guests will not appreciate a poorly chosen prize!
  8. Ensure you have representitives from your orgnaisation present at each stage of the day.
  9. Consider what refreshments and snacks you will offer on course.
  10. Have a contingency plan in place for time overruns.

Organising a golf day can be challenging! For more information on how we could assist you in your next golf day, please contact us.